Useful Tips To Increase Sex Power In Men | Sex Treatment In Delhi

Decreased sexual power and sex interest can trouble anybody at one point of time. It is very important to increase your sexual power to keep your sexual life enjoyable and pleasurable. To let you know more, I am going to share the useful tips to increase sex power in men.

Sex is the most precious gift given by nature to the human beings. It is the integral part of one’s life. It creates a strong bond between husband and wife. Hence, it is necessary to keep the sex power alive to enjoy fullest sex life. Now, I brought some useful tips that help you increase sex power.

Let’s elaborate the tips to increase sex power in men……………….

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After Penis Enlargement Treatment for Better Recovery

You need to follow the instructions given by the doctor of a leading Penis Enlargement Center in Delhi. After following these tips, you can visit the doctor for the final checkup and then lead a healthy sexual life.


  • Rest and recuperation

Once the surgeon considers you are well enough, then you must be discharged and if you have had a local anesthetic, then you could have returned home on the same day. Once you reach home, you can expect some pain and soreness, but you can ease it with pain killers prescribed by your surgeon. Change your dressing on regular intervals and take complete rest and do not over-exert yourself. Give yourself time to heal.

  • Take care of daily hygiene

You can take care of your penis on a daily basis by massaging it using Vaseline and lotion suggested by the surgeon. Keep the penile area clean and avoid getting water in that area. Use flannel or sponge to clean your penile area rather than having a shower. Do not go for swimming and any other sport after a month of surgery.

  • Avoid physical activity

It is important to take complete rest after the treatment. Avoid heavy lifting or any other strenuous activity for a month following surgery. Wait for at least 6 weeks and then resume a sexual relation with your partner. Neither your sexual ability will be affected by the surgery, nor will the ability to urinate.

So these are the tips, you must follow after the treatment. It is important to take the aftercare appointments with your doctor at regular intervals. Complications are rare, but can happen, if you will not take care of your health completely. You can also book your aftercare appointment with Dr. P.K. Gupta at his Penis Enlargement Treatment Center in Delhi.

Things Every Man Should Know About Sex – Specialist in Delhi

If you are tired of asking internet how to give a satisfied sex to a woman, then this article can be proved as the best helper. A leading sex specialist in Delhi will share the things that you need to know about sex. So, without wasting time we will read these points.

  1. Don’t ignore her body, especially boobs.

Women are very concerned about the size and the look of their boobs. This part of their body has higher sexual sensation and can help you make her arouse during sex. Grab her boobs, touch her nipples and run your hands all around her body. Trust us, this will really help you to get her arouse and lubricate.

  1. Care about her pleasure

There are surprising numbers of men, who don’t care about their partner’s pleasure and this makes them worst sexual partner. In case you are in a relationship, take care of her pleasure to make her feel good during and after sex. You may me dying of hearing her moans, which is the sign of satisfied and pleasurable sex.

  1. Be confident

Women like guys, who are confident. So stop being shy about your body and looks. Just be confident and show how you care about this relationship. Show her that you are good at sex and especially lip lock.

  1. Kiss her when you cum

Women take time to climax, so whenever you climax, just kiss on her lips harder to make her feel special. When you will kiss her, she will get more attracted towards you. And every woman like being special, keep in mind.

So, these are the basic things that you need to keep in mind during sex. If you are having sex for the first time, the make sure to use protection, as you don’t know about your partner. Many sexual problems occur due to Sexually Transmitted Infections that people generally get due to unprotected Sex. So, have protected sex and if you are suffering from any sexual problems due to sexually transmitted infection, then consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, a leading sex doctor in Delhi for the treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Some Tips on Having Sex With a Woman for The First Time – Sex Specialist in Delhi

The woman having sex for the first time needs reassurance that she is doing the right thing with a right person. She needs sexual comfort with you. I have some tips to have a sex  with a woman for the first time. These tips are specially discussed with the best sex specialist in Delhi that would help you to have a pleasurable and safe sex with a woman.


Here are some tips on having sex with a woman for the first time.

  • Relax her

Before having sex, she needs to relax and her body should be free of tension. You have to create a judgement free environment for her and reassure her. When she relaxes then only she will be ready for you.


  • Turn her on

If she is ready for having sex then she must become horny for you. Of course you want her so hot and wet, focus on her and to have a better sex with your love and take your time, this is foreplay.


  • Develop trust

First time sex is a physical scarier activity for every woman. As you are touching her body, then you should be work according to her. Don’t try to do things against her. Making her feel special and more important for you. Develop trust and don’t try to go against it.


  • Touch her randomly

It is important to stay close to her as possible and maintain eye contact with her. It is the perfect way to dominate her mind before you dominate her body.

So, these are the tips that you should follow to have a better sex with a woman for the first time. If you still have psychological issues with the first time sex, then you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta.  He is the best sex doctor in Delhi that gives you the best tips to have a better sex with your partner for the first time. Please feel free to consult him and have a naughty and romantic first date with your lady love.

How Sexless Marriage Affects partners?

A lack of intimacy in a relationship can be the major source of frustration for a partner, as it can trigger insecurity in the partner and can affect his/her confidence. Lack of intimacy for women can be very devastating, as it stops them to connect with their male partner emotionally as well as physically. Sex is actually about different social programming in both men and women.


A man defines their roles during sex, as their confidence and ego are tied with his ability to deliver to his partner. Due to lack of sex, a woman may feel a lack of love and less attracted towards her partner.

Can a sexless marriage survive?

Many marriages do survive without romance and intimacy, but this is because people are only engaged in for the purpose of society, religion and family pressure. Marriages with intimacy last forever with the happiness, satisfaction and love. In order to get rid of a sexless marriage, a couple needs to communicate and understand the problems of each other.


You need to support the sexual requirements of each other. A marriage without intimacy is not a marriage because there is a lack of vibrancy, which stops a couple to get emotionally and physically attached.

What can a couple do?

To get out of a sexless marriage a couple needs to consult a sexologist for the counseling. Through counseling, one can understand the root cause of lack of intimacy. Dr. P.K. Gupta is the Best Sex Specialist in Delhi, who can give you sex therapy and counseling for a better relationship where there is love, intimacy and satisfaction.


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Lack of libido is often a commonly disorder affecting female compared to male. Understand how to increase sexual prowess ladies. Not enough sex desire is known as a commonly disorder welcomed in female in comparison to male. Condition is medically labelled as hypoactive desire for sex disorder or female full sexual confidence disorder. Specialists the analysis created by Ama, psychosexual advice benefits to a terrific extend quite often. Nearly hundred an endless number of female patients worldwide are undergoing cure for low libido in every year. Lets see several of the different methods to increase libido in girls. Taking testosterone hormone the type of way suggested by doctors for increasing sexual prowess ladies. Inducing testosterone which is a male hormone in female patients may sometimes create unintended side effects.


Increased hair growth, brown spots, big clitoris and voice sounding good bass would be the problems with taking testosterone hormone. Many testosterone skin patches have become commonly for market. Fantasy happens to be an form of such testosterone capsules to boost sexual prowess girls. Using suction vibrators are some other tactic to increase sex desire in females. Zinc improves the libido by inducing suction to clitoris. EROS can be an example for suction vibrator used within to promote libido. Using desire cream will be remedial medicine to boost sex drive in ladies. These creams produce sensational effect in clitoris and improve in female patients.

Natural techniques for treatment therapy is also known and used due to its loss of adverse reactions. Gingko biloba extract can be a best natural way for you to increase sexual urge in women. Utilization of this medicine aids in promoting sexual desire and orgasm. Dong Quoi, commonly used in China, Japan and Korea also is a herbal medicine to enhance libido in females. This medicine assists in relaxing arteries and of reproductive organs. Dong Quoi is a really composition of ferulic acid, ligustilide, butylpthalide and polysaccharides promoting proper functioning of sex organs there by preventing frigidity.

Consuming Ginseng can also be a strategy to increase libido ladies. Ginsenosides included in Ginseng release n . o . to leading to tinnitus particularly clitoris which support in orgasms. Taking DHEA hormone can also be a measure to improve sex desire in ladies. Deficiency of DHEA hormone cause low libido and the condition frequently occurs among age people. Never hesitate to refer to the physician for obtaining correct dosage stages of DHEA.

Consumption of pills consisting of Arginine amino very effective at relaxing abnormal veins helps in increasing libido ladies. Arginine generally referred to as L- arginine or Viagra which promotes nitric oxide supplements formation. Both psychological and physical factors play key roles to promote sex desire. Proper communication hoping advice from sex therapist are probably the measures to rise sex desire regarding psychological condition.

Estrogen counseling is one of the best quality remedies to extend sex desire in ladies. Estrogen is actually a female hormone vital for proper functioning of reproductive organs. Estrogen hormones are commonly to be found in markets as gels, patches and pills. Inducing estrogen hormones under proper medication awakes and increase sexual prowess girls. It might be found in the slow suppository to boost vaginal blood flow.

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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation – Clinic in Delhi

how to stop premature ejaculation –  Clinic In Delhi“. To start with, it is every man desire to satisfy his partner in bed and make her happy, which is also every woman desire to have a partner who can satisfy her in bed. But for the men, this sexual goal can’t be achieved if you as an individual have the problem of “PREMATURE EJACULATION“. But worry no more if you find yourself on this blog, then thank your star and thank the Almighty God. Researchers have done their best to find out how long a man can last in bed during sex, they ascertained that a normal sex should last for nothing less than 7 minutes. Hmmmn! most of you reading this post now will be very overwhelmed that a normal sex last for nothing less than 7 minutes. Premature Ejaculation has really brought about failure in most marriages and relationships today. Without wasting much of your time, let me discuss the ways to tackle premature ejaculation naturally, but before we discuss on the solutions, let look at some of the causes of premature ejaculation



  1. Tension and Anxiety
  2. Inherited traits
  3. Hormone disorder
  4. Inadequate erotic expertise
  5. Deterioration in Nervous system
1.  Start-Stop Technique: what is “Start-Stop” technique? This technique is regarded as one of the simplest technique to use, because it only entails only one partner (the man). It can be carried out by stimulating the male reproductive organ (the penis) and stopping just about when you feel like ejaculating during sex. During sex, stop the stimulation for about 30-60 seconds and start again when you have really regained full control.
2. Condoms: Condoms also helps to control premature ejaculation during sex, because it consist of numbing matter that helps you desensitize your genital area during sex.
3. Control Exercises: I know you are asking yourself this question; how does exercise tends to stop premature ejaculation? but the answer is yes and it has really help most men today in the world to stop premature ejaculation. so what is control exercise? It is an exercise that ought to be carried out by yourself or with the aid of a spouse. It helps you to deal with early duration of arousal, which is the most crucial stage for males attempting to control quick orgasms.
4. Stamina Guide therapy(For faster result): Stamina Guide therapy has really helped over 75% of men round the globe to stop premature ejaculation, it does not require any drug, spray or creams.Yeah, exactly – at this present moment, thousands upon of thousands of men all around the world are suffering from premature ejaculation.
Just like you, they’re feeling terribly frustrated and even anxious at the thought of having sex with another woman. And it’s understandable; no man wants to last for a few seconds in bed. Stamina therapy does not involve the following:
  • Dangerous drugs that can put your health in jeopardy.
  • Creams or sprays.
  • More than 15 minutes of your time per day
This is the first time that I’m revealing my effective cure on the internet
But the thing is that over 400 men in my area are already enjoying the endless benefits of lasting longer in bed.
Every day my inbox is virtually flooded with dozens of emails thanking me for changing their life for the good – and the truth is that I feel kinda embarrassed.

What an interesting article don’t you think so? Now don’t be worried about premature ejaculation anymore, after you have just read about 4 easy solution that can help you stop premature ejaculation. and don’t give attention to the problem of premature ejaculation because it can ruin your sex life, not only your sex life, even your marriage. I will advise you apply those four solutions i have discussed above, especially the 4th one. Take them very serious and begin to see changes in your sex life, and your marriage as a whole. If you have any question kindly use the comment below and also to share your experience.

More Information and Best Treatment : DR.PK Gupta (Best Sexologist MBBS MD)


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Things You Should Know About Sex Therapy – Best Sex Therapist in Delhi

Some people think that sex therapy involves getting naked, having sex and being touched, but it’s actually not like that, as it only involves talk therapy. It is actually psychotherapy that treats sexual problems and relationship issues. Through sex therapy the expert can understand the root of the problem. There are a lot of things that best sex specialist in Delhi has brought to you through this blog, so let’s not waste time and proceed further to know about sex therapy.


If you are experiencing a sexual problem, then you must have researched about sex therapy. It is a type of treatment you get so that you can get to the bottom of your sexual issues and get rid of them. Sex therapy can help with the variety of issues such as erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation. It is one of the most supportive treatments that can give you better sex life.

Things you should know about sex therapy

  1. Sex therapy is like a form of counseling in which a person is trained psychologically and gets treatment for sex and relationship problems. There is nothing strange going on behind the walls during sex therapy.
  2. The sex therapist helps you with emotional issues that may be causing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or low libido.
  3. Sex therapy will help couples to establish open lines of communication to discuss sexual wants and needs. Couples will learn about the reason behind their anxiety.
  4. The sex therapist will offer you some ideas for things that you can try at home. The therapist will tell you some exercise to break down psychological barriers to sustain erections.
  5. Sex therapy is just for psychological sexual problems, it has nothing to do with physical limitations that are leading to sex dysfunctions. Sex therapy can only help with the problems that are psychological in nature.

Best sex therapist in Delhi

One of the best doctors for sexual problems is Dr. P.K. Gupta. He provides best sex treatment in Delhi for both males and females. One can consult him for best sex therapies and get rid of their relationship issues and sex problems that are psychological in nature.

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Low Sex Desire – Your Daily Habits That are Ruining Your Sexual Life (desire/libido).

Sex seems to be very simple, but our complicated life and its habits are making our sex life complicated by destroying our sex drive. There are a number of physical, emotional and psychological concerns that can dampen your libido.

We talked to a famous sexologist Dr. P.K. Gupta, who provides Low Sex Desire Treatment In Delhi about the daily habits that are ruining your libido (sexual desire) and compiled this list of regular habits that are biggest libido busters in men as well as women.

#1 High intake of alcohol.

Alcohol can actually inhibit the ability to attain an erection in men and orgasm in women. Alcohol inhibits your sexual desire as well as sexual performance because it is a depressant that directly affects the penis by interfering with parts of the nervous system that are essential for sexual arousal and orgasm.

 #2 Not taking enough sleep.

We are a generation of chronically sleep deprived people and that is why we are facing problems to our looks, health and inability to deal with everyday stresses. Lack of sleep can lower the levels of testosterone known as the sex drive hormone in both men and women.

#3 Excessive intake of medicines.

Some of the medicines used to treat conditions like high blood pressure and thyroid can decrease your sexual desire, as these medicines affect the central nervous system that can impact your sex life. Problems like thyroid can lead to weight gain that can all mess with your sex drive.

#4 Chain smoking

Smoking is like drugs that makes you addicted and it’s not just bad for your heart and lungs, but for vein health as well. It can do the worst with your sex life by preventing you from enjoying sexual life, as it breaks your immune system and slows the circulation of blood. And blood flow is necessary for a man to get an erection, so you need to quit it.


These were the most common daily habits that are ruining your libido. If your condition gets worse day by day and you are deprived of enjoying sex with your partner, then you need to consult a famous sexologist. One of the most famous sexologists for Male Sexual Problem Treatment in Delhi is Dr. P.K. Gupta. So one can consult his for their sexual problems and get rid them.

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How to Enlarge Your Penis, 9 methods – Sex Specialist In Delhi

Penis enlargement procedures are typically assigned by doctors for patients who suffer from micropenis – condition characterized by genetic and hormonal abnormalities and penis length smaller than 7 cm in erect state.

Techniques for Penis Augmentation

Penis enlargement methods : 

  1. Shuka hairs
  2. Koteka
  3. Jelqing
  4. Meditation
  5. Kegel exercises
  6. Silicone pastes
  7. Vacuum pumps
  8. Surgery
  9. Pills

You can do these effective penis enlargement exercises to increase centimeters and make erections better. But if your penis is very small and you want to increase its size, then you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta for the right treatment. You can visit his penis enlargement treatment center in Delhi and get desired penis size with effective treatment.

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